Endlessly scalable low-code solution for customized Enterprise Application Development

You get the bulk of your enterprise app before your enterprise software development project even starts


As we start an enterprise application development project, our IT consultants determine which of the client’s business needs can be fulfilled by using our out-of-the-box Backendless Pro enterprise software solution. This solution is highly customizable and completely unique to the enterprise software market.

Backendless Pro is an essential technology core for enterprise application development. The solution was developed by our parent company Backendless Corp, the developer of a premium-quality low-code application platform. From its very inception, our solution was designed by its developers with unlimited scalability and enterprise needs in mind. It has been continually perfected by them for an extended period of time. Backendless Pro has laid the technology foundation for all major IT consulting solutions we have delivered. We have used the solution to create large-scale enterprise applications for a host of verticals, including Banking, the UAS Industry, Logistics, Construction, and the Social Networking industry.

As it frequently happens in the case of our clients, using Backendless Pro may well allow us to provide up to 50% of the enterprise functions you need straight out of the box. The solution is ideally suited to automate the totality of the business needs of an organization within a very short timeframe.

Currently, our core enterprise application development practice can provide your enterprise application software with the following functionality:

  • A full-blown, robust, feature-rich, and INFINITELY scalable backend.
  • Advanced user management (including user authentication)
  • Advanced database management functionality.
  • Sophisticated custom business logic/Cloud Code.
  • Publish/subscribe messaging.
  • A broad and diverse range of APIs.
  • Multi-level logging, caching, and file storage.
  • The ability for your app to operate in real-time.
  • Excellent integration with the vast majority of other apps due to Node.jS and Java support. 

Customization-wise, our out-of-the-box enterprise app development solution is technology-agnostic, i.e. it can be customized by us using a programming technology of your choice. The solution has been successfully used as a backend in both enterprise web application development and enterprise mobile app development. Furthermore, it is extremely well-suited for building high-traffic, multi-user, and data-intensive enterprise apps. When customized, our brand-name solution can efficiently address the requirements of various industries, business niches, types of interactivity, and end-user types. In other words, the customization we create always reflects and improves the key facets of your enterprise. Using a Backendles Pro customization is a great option when you need to replace one or several legacy systems with a minimum or no disruption to your operation and a minimum involvement on the part of your internal business teams.

Combining our IT consultancy services with our core low-code enterprise app development technology is bound to pack a punch for your enterprise software development project. This approach can give you the enterprise app you need within a shorter timeframe and at a lesser cost. It can also dramatically reduce the number of development errors and minimize the amount of bug-fixing your new enterprise software solution needs.

In a vast number of instances, using our out-of-the-box solution and unique app development process represents a much better software development option for building large-scale business apps. We would be keen to help you create a successful product and fulflill all your business software-related needs.