Intuitive UI design and UX design for complex enterprise apps

User experience design is of utmost importance for any software application. This is especially true for large-scale enterprise apps that support a large number of users and customer needs. It is just this kind of solutions our app development services focus on.

Correspondingly, our UX designers and UI developers are conversant with creating user interface designs and user experience for extremely complex enterprise-scale solutions. Sometimes, these solutions also include mobile applications.  

Because of this, our team of UX professionals has a wealth of experience in translating even the most complex of functional requirements into artful visual artifacts.

Our company’s front end developers and UX design experts have many a time created GUIs that allow hundreds of thousands of users to use enterprise grade apps with ease. Some of the more demanding functionality these applications comprise includes:

  • A number of exceedingly complex dashboards for the Construction and other industries.
  • Sophisticated mobile search functionality.
  • Intricate mobile social networking functionality, and several other types of enterprise functionality that are extremely demanding from the UX design and web design perspective.

Our UI designers use various means of creating innovative digital user experiences. They are well-acquainted with UI material and broadly experienced in working with a diverse number of themes.

Exclusive out-of-the-box technology to help UI designers and UX developers


Notably, in the majority of cases, the UI builder of our brand-name Backendless low-code app development platform significantly facilitates and speeds up our UI/UX development efforts. Our UI designers and UX developers make use of a diverse number of sophisticated templates or blueprints that help them craft applications’ user interface faster.

As an IT consulting and app development company, we have all the web design competences required to provide best-in-breed user interface design and user experience. As compared with many other companies that provide web and mobile app development services, we also have two pronounced strengths: the ability to create effective UI design and user experience for complex functionality and the ability to deliver user interface design solutions very promptly. 

Regardless of whether you need a team of top-notch UI developers, a seasoned UX designer, or just prefer an enterprise software development provider with a solid UI and UX design experience, we are likely to fill your bill.