FindMy+1 Case Study

Developing a Social Network Solution

A case study of developing an innovative online community solution for a US-based technology startup. 
Backendless is a phenomenal technology partner that enables you to simply skip a large, time-consuming, and labor-intensive part of your development effort. They are highly professional, full of initiative, and always keen to find the most optimal way to implement things. We are happy to continue working with this terrific team.

FindMy+1 is a US-based technology startup that was looking to develop their anchor social network product, aimed at allowing individuals and groups of individuals to find like-minded people for joint activities. As they were familiar with both our software development expertise and the opportunities our Backendless Pro core solution affords, FindMy+1 engaged us to implement the entirety of their mission-critical project.

To fully implement their innovative idea, the Client needed to develop a complex online community solution with wide-ranging and intricate functionality. This solution consisted of web-based functionality, a backend, and a mobile app. FindMy+1 wanted to have the bulk of their solution implemented within a very short time frame.


To implement the project, we initially created a project team that consisted of 1 Project Manager and 1 UI designer. Approximately 4 months later, we augmented the team to include 1 frontend developer, and then, one month after this, yet another frontend developer. Throughout the project’s duration, it has been managed jointly by FindMy+1’s CEO and our Project Manager.
As the Client did not have any detailed functional specification for the solution, we started with requirements’ gathering, and opted for Agile as the prevalent development approach for the project. At the beginning, our Project Manager worked in close contact with the Client to gather, discuss, and refine the project requirements. Furthermore, since the commencement of the project’s development stage, our developers have been in direct contact with the Client, collaborating with them on the different project requirements in order to implement them more optimally. Although the Client’s solution is extremely feature-rich and data-intensive, it has taken our project team only approximately 10 months to deliver the vast bulk of its web and mobile functionality. The web and mobile applications of the Client’s solution provide the same functionality. 
The solution we have delivered fully embodies our Client’s idea of an utterly novel type of online community, where anyone can propose joint activities to people who share their hobbies and interests. Furthermore, the system helps the user actually organize such activities. Uniquely amongst numerous other social networking apps, the Client’s solution focuses on users’ defining traits, skills, interests, or views, rather than their looks or dating and marriage-related interests. In other words, the system allows you to find someone congenial to spend time together and jointly take part in an activity based on both some common interests and some activity. The activities for which one can find company by using the system can vary widely, with their roster being virtually unlimited. For example, someone who can cook delicious lasagna can find other lasagna buffs. They can then set up a get-together with these people, treat them to lasagna they’ve cooked, and share recipes with their new friends. Someone who has an extra ticket for an upcoming rock show can find another user with shared interests, and invite this person to the show if the latter is fond of the bands that are going to perform. A user profile in the system shows the user’s photo and provides details on their appearance, hobbies, and interests. The system offers two ways to find like-minded company. 
The first is to search for other suitable users based on diverse multiple criteria, and then subscribe to an activity of interest, posted by these users. The second way is to post one’s own activity with the intent to draw the attention of those users who meet certain criteria and may be interested in this activity. Additionally, based on the user settings specified, the user profile displays those users who have the traits and activities that may interest the profile owner. The system updates this information consistently whenever the profile owner modifies the corresponding profile settings. When the user reaches out to another user directly, they can flexibly specify the details of the activity they are offering. For example, somebody who wants to invite another user to dinner can indicate whether they would like to go Dutch, or intend to pay for the activity in full. The user being invited receives a notification, indicating the activity they are being invited for and the related details. The recipient can either block the request or accept it. If the request is accepted, it becomes possible for the users to start a chat.
When posting an activity, the user can use the topic of an activity posted by another user. The solution makes it possible to find and invite entire groups of individuals to an activity. This possibility makes the system invaluable in organizing such activities, as water skiing, soccer games, volley ball games, and more. Currently, our project team is engaged in the expansion of the Search Filter functionality of the Client system and bug-fixing.

Our core solution Backendless Pro provides the entire backend functionality the Client’s system requires. We developed the frontend of the solution by using the UI builder, provided by our flagship Backendless Pro no-code platform.Therefore, our technical solution for the project included the following tools and technologies:

  • Frontend: Backendless UI Builder, Less, JavaScript
  • Backend: Backendless Pro (Node.js)
  • Platform: The Backendless Pro no-code platform


Two parts of the system’s functionality, which required an additional effort on our part and show our ability to implement intricate functionality are Notifications functionality and Search Filter functionality. The system’s Search Filter functionality has proven to be the most challenging to implement due to a diverse multitude of factors that influence the search result.

Within an extremely short time span and at a very affordable cost, we have delivered a solution that is in full keeping with the Client’s wants, needs, and business plans. FindMy+1 is determined to continue working with Backendless in relation to both the system’s future expansion and its integration with external applications.