The benefits of the Backendless low-code platform, the best Backendless developers for hire, and great complementary expertise

How can the Backendless low-code platform facilitate enterprise app development and reduce your product’s time-to-market?


Reducing the time-to-market and cost of an enterprise app is a goal aspired by almost everyone looking to develop enterprise software. The opportunities and choices they usually face remain severely limited.

The vast majority of software providers are able to speed up a development effort only to a relatively insignificant extent. The numerous existing nocode and low-code options are geared largely toward niche apps. One way or another, they typically fall short whenever it comes to enterprise-grade apps despite all the lip service paid.

The advent of the Backendless low-code Visual App Development platform has turned the tables on enterprises. Furthermore, it has done so regardless of the vertical these companies are in. The platform pulls off the magic trick of letting any kind of business with enterprise needs benefit from low-code. It enables us as Backendless experts to deliver the more common functional capabilities enterprise companies need as advanced out-of-the-box functionality. Next, our Backendless developers expand this infinitely scalable and customizable functionality core to implement the required client- or industry-specific functions.

One can use the Backendless platform to create both the backend (including Mobile Backend) and frontend of full-fledged, tailored enterprise apps. By using the platform, our software engineers can expeditiously create the following supported features:

  • Advanced User Management functionality
  • Advanced Document Management functionality
  • A powerful database, which can contain hundreds of thousands of records
  • Ultra-secure and extremely scalable APIs
  • User Engagement (Push Notifications, Landings, Email Marketing)
  • Configurable Tiered Approach-Based Security
  • Pub/Sub Messaging
  • Caching functionality

The software allows you to create geolocation-aware and real-time apps. The latter includes real-time database management, whereby the system’s database is updated in real-time as changes are made. The apps created using the Backendless platform can be scaled and expanded endlessly. Moreover, they support even the most intricate industry- and client-specific customizations.

Why can the Backendless platform be an ideal development option for enterprise-grade solutions?


By fusing low-code and enterprise functionality, the Backendless platform brings you a wide range of advantages.

With a hefty part (up to 50%) of your app’s enterprise functions provided upfront, we get a solid lead on almost any other enterprise software development provider yet prior to when we get your project underway.

Moreover, the Backendless platform’s visual frontend builder helps frontend developers create frontend functionality a lot faster. The builder comprises a wide variety of components, themes, and blueprints. The builder is suitable for both Web and mobile development. Using the Backendless platform’s builder is yet another way to speed up your app’s development and reduce its time to market even further. The dramatically reduced time to market, enabled by the Backendless platform, also creates very significant cost savings.

Although the reduced time to market and costs constitute the Backendless platform’s two main advantages, there are other important advantages it affords. More particularly, these advantages include:

  • Infinite scalability
  • Very high customizability
  • Much lower required amount of testing for the system’s backend
  • The opportunity to avoid a great many development errors one would otherwise be very likely to encounter when developing the software in-house, or having it developed elsewhere
  • The ability to test different development approaches and directions more flexibly and to elicit errors at an earlier stage
  • Time savings for your IT staff and Executives due to the large percentage of out-of-the-box functionality and our well-tuned IT Consulting and Delivery process.

Why can we provide the top Backendless developers?


The Backendless platform is a well-designed and exceedingly user-friendly app development solution that provides excellent low-code development capabilities. Simultaneously, being able to use the platform’s numerous advanced features is both a great boon and a necessity in the development of complex enterprise software. Otherwise, you may miss out on the many great things that can be instrumental in implementing your project.

Seasoned Backendless developers can often solve many enterprise needs within a shorter timeframe and with better quality. Besides, devs with Backendless experience tend to gainfully use the platform’s more sophisticated functions, whereas those new to Backendless are more likely to resort to a more accustomed but less effective move or technique. Therefore, bringing experienced Backendless experts into play can both ensure a better quality of your enterprise application and promote its faster time to market.

As a consulting and app development arm of Backendless Corp, we maintain extremely close working ties with our parent company. That is why we employ a host of seasoned Backendless-savvy developers and Backendless consultants. Furthermore, our expert developers constantly keep abreast of the platform’s continuous evolution. They are always the first to learn about and get a handle on any newly released features of the platform. All our Backendless developers have a great deal of Backendless-driven software development experience they have gained while implementing enterprise-scale projects.

To help you implement your project faster, our company has the ability to quickly provide a team of developers with a good grasp of the Backendless Platform. Importantly, Backendless Consulting can provide both backend and frontend devs with Backendless experience.

How can our IT consulting services and expertise enhance Backendless-driven enterprise app development?


The Backendless platform is a sophisticated and ever-evolving product. This product has been continuously perfected by Backendless Corp. in conjunction with an impressive array of enterprise projects. Thanks to this, the platform has absorbed a vast amount of hands-on experience. It has incorporated plenty of client feedback from industry stalwarts with complex business needs. This has improved our low-code platform immensely.

In turn, coupling the Backendless platform with our consulting and app development experience allows you to achieve a by far superior result. It allows you to create an end-to-end enterprise-scale solution where the excellence of the added customization equals that of the core functionality, provided by the platform.

More specifically, our relevant IT consulting and app development expertise includes:

  • An abundance of experience in collecting system requirements that allows us to define complex enterprise systems optimally
  • Deep experience in developing complex data-, dashboard -, and calculations-intensive functionality
  • Experience in developing applications that are capable of handling high transaction volumes and supporting a large number of concurrent users
  • The ability to more precisely predict an application’s data flows and create a data model that allows for them more accurately
  • The ability to promptly create extremely secure and scalable APIs that we acquired during our Mobile Banking-related engagements
  • Industry-specific experience in Mobile Banking & FinTech, Social Networking, Logistics, Construction and Infrastructure, and UAS industries
  • Experience in deploying complex enterprise software in technically and legally and technically challenging environments
  • Excellent command of various development approaches, including Agile methodologies
  • A solid grasp of, and formidable experience with Node.jS, which allow us to create customized solutions that can be easily integrated with the majority of other apps.

The Backendless low-code platform is a mature and well-proven product our software engineers are conversant with. We are uniquely positioned to harness this awesome tool on your behalf better than any other tech company. Combined with our IT consulting and application development services, Backendless allows our back-end and front-end developers to create comprehensive enterprise-grade solutions that address the most challenging enterprise requirements. We also provide excellent support for all enterprise apps we develop and can ensure their continuous improvement over time.