Low-code development of boundlessly scalable enterprise grade apps

As an IT consulting arm of the leading low-code platform developer Backendless Corp, we capitalize on the game-changing technology this company develops. Using their brand-name Backendless low-code development platform allows us to offer faster delivery of applications to businesses with enterprise software needs.

Unlike most other low-code platforms, the Backendless low-code platform is not intended to develop only relatively simple apps that focus on a single workflow or purpose. It provides a diverse array of low-code attributes. These low-code attributes allow you to build extremely complex software applications. Moreover, the platform ensures infinitely scalable application design and enterprise-level security. In essence, it revolutionizes the low-code development platform market as far as enterprise application software is concerned.

Thanks to the Backendless platform, our company’s low-code capabilities allow us to handle the backend and frontend development of enterprise applications. They cover both low-code mobile and web app development.

How we turn low code into a significant edge in enterprise app development

Our out-of-the-box Backendless Pro solution uses a low-code system that allows unlimited scalability and very high customizability. It applies low code’s use from niche apps to multi-experience, enterprise grade solutions. To ensure this, from the very outset Backendless Pro was designed  as a scalable and customizable technology core for enterprise-class projects. As a consequence, any of our customized low-code enterprise applications is completely future-proofed. It endlessly scales both vertically and horizontally as your business grows. It automates all of your business needs in their entirety.

Therefore, our out-of-the-box Backendless Pro solution efficiently gears low-code toward enterprise purposes. It bridges all the major gaps that have previously prevented low-code from becoming a wide-spread enterprise software development approach.

How we comprehensively future-proof your enterprise application


The Backendless low-code platform ensures your app’s unlimited future growth. For this purpose, it takes into account the following aspects of your enterprise application software:

  • Multi-persona application development strategy.
  • The ability to scale to support a growing number of concurrent users.
  • The ability to scale to support growing transaction volumes.
  • Future-proofed, scalable customer journeys.
  • The ability to support growing mobile requirements.
  • The ability to support growing security requirements.
  • Working with on-device business logic.
  • Working with META data and offline data.
  • The ability to connect sensors to your system, and other important aspects that may influence your application’s future performance.

How we dramatically reduce the amount of required code with out-of-the-box enterprise functionality


As a general rule, we aim to achieve the lowest possible amount of additional customization code. To enable this, our low-code solution provides a broad array of customizable foundational elements. These elements span at least 50% of the functionality any enterprise app provides.

More specifically, we provide the following wide-ranging enterprise functionality out of the box:

  • Exceedingly feature-rich backend
  • Advanced user management
  • Sophisticated custom business logic / Cloud Code
  • Advanced database management
  • Publish/Subscribe messaging
  • Business logic (API services, timers)
  • Multi-level logging, file storage, and caching
  • Push notifications
  • Template-based mass email delivery
  • Data visualization functionality
  • Functionality that gives your application the ability to operate in real-time.
  • Best-in-breed integration ability in relation to the vast majority of various other applications.

Consequently, the significant amount of out-of-the-box functionality we deliver minimizes the amount of required custom code. Basically, we add only the industry-specific customization your enterprise app requires. As a result, your product’s time-to-market may shrink to a mere 50% of the average time-to-market of any other IT product with the same complexity. In other words, our approach recasts the entire development process for enterprise software applications. It creates very significant time and cost savings for you as our client.

Our low-code Backendless solution is industry-agnostic. However, we tailor it to the needs of many verticals and business niches. Our solid consulting and app development process and our knowledge of a number of domain areas help us find the shortest road to your product. Correspondingly, in many instances, this valuable expertise further reduces the amount of required code-based customization.