Faster Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development using an infinitely flexible and scalable out-of-the-box solution

For technology startups, future product development is tricky and rife with pitfalls. Vast numbers of them never reach their business goals. They get derailed for reasons as diverse as having an inviable business idea, their products being overladen with excessive functionality and scoped incorrectly, or their software being ridden with bugs.

Usually, there is only one way to avoid all the pitfalls in digital product development – develop a Minimum Viable Product and let this MVP assist you in finding both the right version of a product and the more optimal way to it.

Developing a Minimum Viable Product allows you to complete all the important steps in your product development effort. It allows you to fulfill your customer’s needs more fully. With an MVP, you can better address the user pain points, make sure your product provides enough features, and avoid adding excessive functionality. You can even incorporate feedback from early customers.

At the same time, developing an MVP and using it to scope your future product and gear this product the right way is frequently an iterative, labor-intensive, and time-consuming process. Is there any way to facilitate this process and expedite your MVP development?

Why we are uniquely positioned to dramatically optimize your MVP Development


Backendless Consulting is an IT consulting arm of a leading provider of low-code application development software. This software is an ultimately flexible and scalable low-code platform that builds complex enterprise apps. The platform provides feature-rich core functionality. This functionality takes an immense amount of effort and a lot of hassle out of MVP Development. Besides, the application also allows the delivery of an MVP within a record timeframe. In other words, you can start validating or invalidating your product assumptions almost at once. You can also start receiving feedback from your target users almost immediately.

As low-code enterprise app development is our core specialty, our MVP approach focuses on the use of low-code and our parent company’s low-code platform.

The Backendless product provides a broad and diverse range of out-of-the-box foundational elements. These elements expeditiously lay a solid foundation for virtually any technology product. Our out-of-the-box functionality suits any target vertical or business niche. It provides the best method of product validation for even very complex software with hugely intricate functionality.

Our ability to flexibly and quickly customize our Backendless out-of-the box solution to meet a variety of requirements gives technical and non-technical startup founders ample opportunity for validating different concepts and approaches. Using our core solution helps startups skip a significant time-consuming, effort-intensive, and costly part of their app development project. With us, they avoid numerous mistakes and achieve a shorter time-to-market and considerable cost savings.