Legacy software modernization, extension, and replacement

Similar to how we develop enterprise apps much faster than most other app development companies, we modernize, migrate, or entirely replace enterprise-scale legacy software much faster than they do.

Our IT consulting experience and low-code development capabilities immensely facilitate legacy enterprise applications’ replacement in whole or in part. Combined with well-calculated client-specific customizations we craft, our low code capabilities sometimes expedite any enterprise legacy software modernization or replacement effort several-fold.

Our IT consultants guide you through the possible legacy app modernization, extension, or replacement scenarios to help choose the one that works best for your company. With equal efficiency, we can:

  • Modernize and/or extend your legacy app.
  • Integrate your legacy app and your new app with the help of APIs.
  • Replace your legacy application in its entirety with a new, modern implementation.
  • Migrate a large portion of your legacy app to a new app.

The dramatically reduced project time frame and the considerable resulting cost savings are not the only important benefits of our low-code approach. Some of the mission-critical possibilities it creates cannot be achieved by using the traditional legacy software modernization and replacement approaches.

Additionally, our low code capabilities enable you to migrate your legacy application to a new app a lot more securely than the traditional migration approaches allow.