Faster backend development for complex, enterprise-scale apps

Backend development for enterprise applications is a demanding area of software engineering. Our company offers end-to-end, enterprise-grade IT consulting and app development solutions. Therefore, backend development is one of our primary specialties. It constitutes the bulk of the app development projects we handle. Correspondingly, we are at home with creating the server-side of large-scale and hugely complex enterprise apps.

Furthermore, as a consulting arm of a leading low-code app development vendor, we are uniquely equipped to handle both backend web development and backend mobile development at an incomparably faster rate.

A more productive approach to the development of backend for enterprise software


To efficiently expedite backend development for virtually any business purpose or vertical, we employ our Backendless Pro full-fledged and boundlessly scalable out-of-the-box enterprise solution. Our main goal here is to minimize your product’s time-to-market. We also aim to and create additional cost-efficiencies and other benefits for you as our client.   

Our out-of-the-box solution delivers a customizable foundation for your enterprise app’s backend with almost immediate effect. Usually, the functions we provide account for at least 50% of the backend of the application under development. Each of the functional elements we deliver at once is then seamlessly customized around your company’s needs and requirements.

In more detail, the functional capabilities our solution brings out of the box include:   

  • Advanced user management with user authentication.
  • Advanced database management functionality.
  • Sophisticated custom business logic/Cloud Code.
  • Publish/subscribe messaging.
  • Multi-level caching, logging, and file storage.
  • Real-time functionality.
  • Excellent integration ability in relation to most other apps

To create the customized part of your app’s backend, we apply our well-proven IT consulting process. We collect the requirements and custom-develop the rest of the functionality you need with the help of backend programming. We are free to use the programming language of your choice and well-familiar with various types of programming languages. Our backend developers have all the important backend developer skills and a good background in server-side development.

Additionally, our backend engineers have an excellent command of such development technologies, as Java and Node.Js, that benefit enterprise app development. They also have a good knowledge of web services and a firm grasp of Agile methodologies. Our team’s consummate experience in the development of APIs complements its conspicuous backend-engineering potential.  

Regardless of the complexity of your enterprise app, our low-code development capabilities allow us to develop the backend part of the application at least twice faster than almost any other enterprise software provider would.

In addition to the dramatically reduced time-to-market and development costs, the benefits you can reap by employing our backend development services include receiving a very large portion of already well-proven and well-tested functionality. This functionality has been continually improved for an extended period of time. Also, depending on the industry you are in, our industry-specific expertise in Mobile Banking, Construction Management, the UAS industry, Logistics, or Social Networking industry may well help solve the business task at hand.    

Our backend development services are an excellent reliable way to create a feature-rich and robust backend for any enterprise software. If time-to-market and development costs are of importance to you, we are the right team of developers and IT consultants to bring your enterprise application development idea to life.