Significant API Integration Expertise and Experience

API stands for Application Programming Interface, functionality that allows two disparate systems to interact with one another and achieve a certain result.

In today’s IT landscape, the use of APIs is no longer an option. Business processes and workflows rely quite heavily on the ability to connect disparate systems through Application Programming Interfaces. Most often, larger-scale apps need multiple APIs to interact with various applications they would otherwise be unable to establish a connection with.

API integration is an area where our company’s expertise and experience can be considered as truly standard-setting. We are an IT consulting and app development arm of the low-code software provider Backendless Corp. that develops enterprise-scale applications. Each of these enterprise applications is integrated with many other systems.

Our wealth of experience in installing our parent company’s IT solutions in various verticals and environments has allowed our API experts to familiarize themselves with all the essential API use cases and more. Our software developers have custom-developed APIs for dozens of various applications major companies use, including e-business applications.  

Over the years, we have developed strong expertise in creating integrations with a variety of external API services in a variety of industries (Banking, Payment Processing, Scheduling, Logistics Routing, Big Data Analytics, Tax/Cost Calculation, and so on).

In designing APIs, we always adhere to the REST principles. Our software developers approach API integration development from the customer experience perspective. They keep our APIs succinct and always put an effort into excluding complexity from them. Also, our API experts make a point of ensuring symmetry and consistency. And, of course, any API integration we create is always discoverable and highly usable.

One of our greatest fortes in the context of APIs is our developers’ vast experience in creating highly secure API integrations. This expertise emanates from our project engagements in the Banking vertical, where we have crafted a large number of ultra-secure API integrations. The ability to provide exceedingly secure API integrations makes us a great provider candidate for any API integration project with high security requirements. 

We handle both custom API integration development and third-party API integrations.


Unique Low-Code Technology That Facilitates API Integration


With the rise of systems, such as Zapier and Integromat, API integration tasks have been simplified.

However, API integration remains to be a task that requires a skillful approach, additional persistence, a tighter control over the data flow, and deeper knowledge of authentication and authorization schemes and batch processing.

Backendless provides a powerful system (both with code and no-code) to enable these tasks. Additionally, our integration with Zapier (and, in the near future, with Integromat) can facilitate connectivity with the apps available in these systems.

We have everything you need to ensure a flawless API integration process and to enable your apps to interact with any external systems in a highly efficient and secure manner.